Scratch Bakery and Cafe

Proudly Located in South Minneapolis.


About Us


Lucky Oven Bakery is more than a friendly neighborhood bakery. We are a team of artisan food makers who believe in the power of happy and healthy food. Our business is crafting the best pastries, breads and cakes from scratch but our passion is creating a fun and welcoming environment for all to enjoy our food. We prioritize high quality ingredients and aim to create the best experience for our guests. From our breakfast pastries and freshly baked breads to our house soups, salads and sandwiches, we welcome you to join us. 

"The classic easy-bake oven is the inspiration behind new south Minneapolis bakery."


Our Location & Hours

Lucky Oven Bakery 

5401 Penn Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55419


Monday - Sunday: 7am - 3pm

Phone: (612) 353-6232






Our Story


"When I was 8 years old, I got an Easy Bake Oven for a Christmas Gift. I didn't use it like other kids, baking on its scorching light bulb and proudly serving a lumpy cake to family. Instead, I created beautiful six layer rainbow cakes and other creations not typical of an 8-year-old's baking prowess.

Baking was my first taste of true independence. This was something I could do on my own and I was good at it. Now, many years later, opening Lucky Oven Bakery is a dream come true.

Some believe it was destiny, others believe it was fate. But I believe that luck is something we create.

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Owner and Head Chef.

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